The All New GTT Adjustable Vernier Cam Sprocket V2 & Timing Chain / Tensioner Kit (Gen 1 Petrol Models)

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Brand New 2021 Spec!.. Having spent considerable time checking & testing cams one thing we have found is that the car manufacturers timing can be out by up to 3 degrees (crank angle) also as the cam chain wears it stretches and retards the cam timing.
To combat this, our GTT adjustable sprocket allows simple, easily accessible adjustment of the timing. Either to the manufacturers spec (using a drop-clock and degree disc) or with rolling-road power runs to optimise power output). Why settle for nearly right when you can have provision for absolutely right!

New Version 2 with wider adjustment range. Brand New Uprated Quality Kit!  complete with  Cam Sprocket ( GTT Modified +adjuster Plate & bolts) Timing Chain, Crank Sprocket, , Tensioner & 2x Rails !

Brand new outright purchase & Not on Exchange!

Perfect with Stock or GTT/ aftermarket Cams for fine tuning!

Fits: all Gen 1 petrol Models

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