GTT Turbo conversions for the R53 Cooper S first released in 2008 have undergone small improvements and are the most effective way to gain very high power.  All our conversions are designed to be well behaved, reliable and road legal even for normal day to day driving. With GTT you won’t find a turbo that is too big for the application (making the car very flat at low rpm) or illegal (e.g. from having no facility to fit a cat converter).

Another important point is that even with the mighty GTT400, is that our ever popular Aerobox Strutbrace can still be fitted. We also fit a heat shield between the turbo and bulkhead to prevent burnt paint or risk of fire. Many parts are custom made from scratch to do the job properly. For example the turbo manifold has the correct diameter pipes (i.e. not too big) to keep the turbo response high. The cross sectional area almost exactly matching that of the exhaust ports on a GTT CNC machined cylinder head. The material used is very thick wall mild steel as is doesn’t crack or distort as can thin wall stainless steel, it can never rust out either.

Other parts such as the water pump, throttle body and idler system are not mere 130 bhp ‘Cooper’ parts, but properly designed for the application. For example the water pump is fully electric, and has no parasitic loss as is not turned by the engine. Its flow capability is rated for applications up to 5 litre engine size!  Because we use this pump, we are able to run the drive belt direct from the crank pulley to the alternator (no air-con) with no idler/belt tensioner system being required whatsoever. This gives the belt a very easy life and even less drag losses.

There are various packages we can put together, for example various spec heads, front or top mount intercoolers, upgraded pistons and  GTT ‘PowerMist’ . This is our water/meth injection kit, and gives inlet temps far lower than ever be achieved with ANY intercooler , but of course both together is even better!

All our turbo conversions are only available ‘fitted’ due to the complex process and full machine shop facilities required. Here is a list of just some of the features of these conversions:-

  • GTT 300, 350 and 400bhp available.
  • Garrett GT28 and GTX ball bearing turbos used exclusively.
  • GTT Custom T3 (larger) actuator.
  • GTT Custom exhaust manifold…thick wall, purge welded, correct internal diameter and 4 into 1 ‘merge collector’.
  • GTT Custom top mounted air-box.( GTT400)
  • GTT Custom throttle body c/w re- sleeved venturi and new throttle plate.
  • GTT Custom downpipe. This is 2.25” extending to 2.5” through a vertically positioned flexi joint .The turbine wheel outlet diameter on the turbo itself is less than 2“ diameter, therefore any larger is not necessary! The flexi must be positioned vertically within the downpipe, and not horizontally further down the exhaust, as this can result in cracking.
  • Davies Craig electric motorsport spec water pump.  Rated for applications of up to 5 Litre engine capacity. No drag as it is not belt driven, and allows complete removal of all idler & tensioner parts where air-con is not required!
  • GTT Intercooler… The 400bhp conversions benefit from having our specially designed front mount intercooler rubber mounted on large ‘cotton reel’ mounts to prevent cracking or rubbing. The core is also very deep at 60mm thick.

Note: The ENTIRE core is in the path of the airflow. None of the core is blocked behind the bumper/number plate/front grille. A large intercooler with over half of its surface obscured is very ineffective and although the air is going through the core, this hidden portion of the intercooler it is not cooling the air at all.

  • Larger injectors + GTT adjustable fuel pressure regulator allow fine tuning / simple DIY adjustment of the fuelling.
  • GTT alloy ‘Pro Expansion Tank’. A special version for the turbo cars complete with high pressure cap and overflow pipe.

PRICES.   From £6495+vat fitted… please telephone for more detailed info /advice and quotation.