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Mini Gen 1 GTT/PORSCHE Front Brake Conversion



Be it for road use or track days, without doubt this has to be the ultimate brake setup for all Minis’! 341mm diameter by 32mm thick grooved & vented, handed rotors, to put that in perspective that’s 10mm thicker & 65mm larger diameter than stock! Separate CNC machined anodised alloy bells with 14 fixing points per disc. Porsche type 911 Twin Turbo alloy callipers (Note: callipers are not genuine Porsche brand but are made to the same spec/quality throughout and come with the ‘Porsche’ stickers)
Also included are GTT CNC machined custom mounting brackets and Kevlar ‘fast road’ brake pads. These pads are chosen to achieve very progressive braking under all conditions. This conversion provides effortless fade free braking suitable for both road and track. Incidentally there is no need to up rate the rear brakes, as only around 20% max of the braking is directed to the rear wheels. Another advantage of the GTT/Porsche conversion is that the unusually high ‘rearward bias’ of the Mini is moved forward a little.
Can be used with 17″ diameter or larger wheels. (Not OE 17″ ‘S’ Lite) Rim width: minimum 7.5J. However some 7J rims can be used but will require spacers. Please telephone if you need advice. Extender brackets now machined from L168 aerospace aluminium for ultimate strength and lighter weight

Wheel suitability: as a guide line most aftermarket 17” or above wheels will fit (oem 17” wheels cannot be fitted) balance weight must be fitted out of the sweep of the calliper (so they don’t hit) i.e. more near to inner or outer edges.

Wheel offset/spacers we recommend typically 5-6mm spacers will be needed with ET38 7j rims. ET37 7.5j rims may not require a spacer but we cannot guarantee as wheel designs varies. ( a minimum of 2/3mm will be required between calliper face and back of wheel spokes at closet point)
Fits: All Gen 1 models with appropriate wheels.

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High Gloss Red or black Powdercoated bells (Blue Discontinued )

Additional information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 cm
Brake Bells Colour

Blue, Red, Black