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Mini Gen 1 GTT Cold Ram Induction Kit


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This product is included in GTT 220 conversions and above.

* True 360 degree rolled edge (CNC turned from solid) Ram-Pipe. This is expensive to produce and quite unique as other companies (if they even use a Ram Pipe at all!) use a ‘spun alloy’ ram-pipe that will always have an ‘undercut’ lip which cannot allow air to be drawn in from behind the pipe. This is as a poor substitute for a true machined fully round section lip. Our Ram-Pipe will pull air from all directions including behind the pipe, avoiding undesirable air currents at the trumpet entrance. Notice also the Ram Pipe entrance is positioned well out into the air box, if it were flat against the air box face it could never draw in air from the rear! By comparison a round hole at one end of the air box is about as bad as it gets, we know as we’ve tested them on a flow bench!
* True cold feed using a larger (note the angled side) ‘twin skin’ upper air box to shield away the heat from the adjacent hot exhaust manifold This increases air box volume by around 25% over all other designs that seal against the bonnet underside. The 5mm air gap between the skins gives a superb thermal barrier. After a hard run the Ram Pipe remains ice cold to the touch. The upper air box/heat shield is anodised in an attractive blue finish for good appearance and longevity.
* Optimum filtration, with negligible pressure loss is achieved using a large corrugated cotton gauze cylindrical filter of over 5″ dia. (others use 4″ max) enclosing the Ram-Pipe. This is effectively(almost) invisible to the incoming air, which is also drawn in through the end of the cylinder through a ‘twin layer gauze filtering screen’ .This again is much preferable to a capped end. This is all held and supported to the air box with 4 stainless steel springs, allowing simple dismantling to clean. The air feed is supplied to the filter from the original front intake plus a second and more significant feed from the scuttle area at the base of the windscreen. This is a natural high pressure zone giving the GTT air box a relatively undisturbed high pressure zone to ‘draw’ from. For maximum performance potential a neat and tidy 2 inch diameter hole should be made in the ‘plastic divider’ between the scuttle area and engine bay (or the panel removed). Incidentally a small funnel shoved into the outside airstream will not achieve good flow. Our system can be removed or re-fitted in 5mins for dealer servicing if required!

Air box should be as large as possible (with our system the scuttle area effectively becomes part of the air box volume too) with high pressure cold air feeds. A true rolled edge Ram-Pipe should be positioned with its entrance typically extending half way out into this air box. GTT design fulfils all these fundamental design criteria and more! The best induction kit for the MCS by far. GTT ‘COLD RAM’ INDUCTION SYSTEM!
Available in Powder coated Gloss Black, Red, or White

Please note that edge trim colour may vary.

NOTE: WE ARE CHANGING TO ALL HAVING THE CUT AWAY FOR OUR GTT STRUTBRACES, We still have some without the cut-out. If you have a Preference please state on your order notes (they are selected at random otherwise)

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Fits: Gen 1 Cooper S (also JCW / GP1)

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Dimensions 33 × 34 × 21 cm

Black, Red, Blue, White