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Mini Gen 1 GTT 16 Tubes Large Top Mount Intercooler & Snoot Boots


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As with all the GTT product line up we’ve really gone to town creating numerous improvements throughout.
Core Size

This is the largest Cooper S top mount intercooler yet; 16 tubes for the air to flow through (OE has 11). These are also 20mm longer than OE giving an effective internal core capacity increase of 55%.To get 16 tubes in we have not sacrificed tube width either. GTT tubes are almost 8mm wide (virtually the same as stock). The finned sections are also 8mm wide. This combined with a special low lose tube design results in virtually no pressure drop across the intercooler, with unsurpassed reduction in charge air temperature.

End Tanks

The GTT end tanks are just that! Tanks that allow the air to enter and exit all the tubes in as equal proportions as possible. We have not used a ‘funnel principle’ as the very short distance between the intercooler ‘bullhorns’ would not allow this to be achieved effectively without reducing the core length. A funnel would restrict much air flow from entering and exiting the rear most tubes of the intercooler, negating the benefits of having the larger core in the first place. If the space allowed us another six inches or so we would funnel. It doesn’t! We have however incorporated a corner radius in the tank corners to ensure good flow around these areas.

GTT 16 Tube Large Top Mount Intercooler oval Connector Tubes

There are a nightmare for any manufacturer. The accuracy needed in reproducing the shape and size is absolutely essential if you are to achieve an intercooler that doesn’t leak at the rubber bellow connectors. Any mismatch in profile to the clamps and it will leak! Probably not a lot, but to make matters worse you may not hear or notice anything, other than the car isn’t very quick! GTT have invested thousands in the design and manufacturing of our oval inlet/outlet spouts which are CNC milled from solid billet. This is far more accurate than forming or non machined sand castings. For those not familiar, we start with a complex computer programme generated from measuring the inside and outside profiles on the end of the ‘bullhorns’, effectively machining the entire alloy away until we are just left with an oval ring. That’s the bit we weld to the end tanks. We do all this twice for every intercooler we make! Another advantage of this method of manufacture is the immense rigidity it achieves, far greater than possible with any type of forming. This ensures it cannot deform when fully clamped together, causing air leakage.

Core Position In Scoop

Look through the scoop and you will see that the top face of the GTT intercooler sits flush with the lower edge of the scoop. Any higher and the air flow will be seriously reduced. Again we have not sacrificed core height to achieve this .The tubes are still 50mm high! You will NOT need to cut the threaded OE intercooler mounting posts off either.


Finally the GTT intercoolers are pressure leak tested and hand mirror polished/satinised.

GTT Diffuser

(Included FREE with our 16 tube intercooler) GTT Features 2x ‘bolt on’ alloy ‘air ram’ diffusers (left & right)  around the intercooler perimeter. This utilizes the full scoop width, channelling exactly to the GTT core width. Each section of the dam is contoured exactly to the curves of the bonnet underside, it is not flat! A nitrile rubber trims then seals between the two. In essence the only way out for the incoming air is through the intercooler core. For neat appearance our design allows the original black scoop deflector/liner on the bonnet underside to be retained.
Intercooler diffuser available in  Red, Black or White

GTT Coil Relocation Plate

Due to the sheer size of our intercooler in comparison to others we include ( and have always included since launch in 2004) a plate that re locates the coil rearwards 12mm. This ensures the HT ignition leads never touch the back of the intercooler….simple neat and effective.

GTT Snoot Boots

These are now included and come in choice of red black or blue. ‘Snoot Boots’ is the GTT trade name for the silicone couplers that join the intercooler to the ‘bull horns’. These are the only genuine snoot boots available …all the tooling was designed and made by GTT and manufacture contracted to SFS . These are vastly superior to other copies that use our ‘Snoot Boots’ name!! . SFS stress that other silicone offerings are not pure silicone, using cheap inferior ‘fillers’ reducing quality and are usually made in India or china. SFS is UK made with the highest level of quality control and materials. Finally our snoot boots are 6 plies thick. in summary you get the best durability, best air seal and best vibration isolation. The GTT intercooler in use is totally isolated from engine vibration with no metal to metal contact ensuring GTT intercooler fitted correctly will never crack .

“ Every Part From the Core to Connectors is Designed and Made in England”

Please note that edge trim colour may vary.

Fits: Gen 1 Cooper S (also JCW / GP1)

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 55 × 45 × 25 cm
Diffuser Colour

Red, Black, White

Snoot Boot Colour

Red, Blue, Black