GTT Intercooler and GTT Oil Catch Can

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Just had a car in with GTT intercooler & GTT Oil Catch Can fitted over 2 years ago . You can see the OCC working very efffectivly ,It has oil half way up the dipstick as shown in pic, but of equal importance the Intercooler was remarkably free of oil deposits internally . Also the condition of the intercooler itself was 100% free of dents, holes, rubbing marks (on both sides). This is how it should be if the instructions are read & followed. A few people/garages think they can ignore instructions then be suprised when it rubs is beyond me. Fitted correctly the GTT Snoot Boots completly support the intercooler from all surrounding metal and isolate it from engine vibration to . These GTT Snoot Boots ( Snoot Boots is a GTT trade name aswell) are make in UK using our tooling/moulds and are far superior to the skinny chinese versions we see included with other brands . This intercooler was not fitted by us. Full credit to the garage that took the trouble to read the instructions first