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This product alone can add up to 15bhp, with typical gains of 8-10bhp combined with reported small improvements in fuel consumption to. This is the only kit on the market that comes complete with integral engine cover. By removing the standard air box the engine bay without the GTT alloy engine cover looks decidedly bare! Also included is the GTT ‘Grenade’ Pop off filter. This allows rapid expulsion of dumped air during gear change. It is large enough not to cause restriction, and can be easily dismantled and cleaned. However the part of this kit most responsible for the power increase is the GTT Ram-Pipe mounted within the main filter. This is CNC machined from solid billet to achieve optimum true 360 degree rolled edge which can pull air in from almost 360 degrees of direction….no other manufacturer does this. This allows optimum flow and minimum pressure drop at the turbo compressor inlet. This identical design is used on GTT 350bhp Mini conversions. This kit adds some desirable (for most) induction noise. If you want even more noise, just put a 30-50mm hole in the plastic divider panel between engine-bay and scuttle area …job done!
Please note Abarth 500 badge not included.
A small enclosed ‘can type’ filter with long snorkel to front grille = Flow restrictions at full boost/rpm = A negative pressure (thinner air) at the turbo INLET = Higher turbo OUTLET temperatures + increased lag and turbo wear due to extra work for the turbo!
GTT ‘open’ ram design with its ultra low air restriction achieves the lowest air temps at the turbo OUTLET…. this is what the engine receives after all. Even in situations where the air entering the filter may be hotter the higher pressure at the turbo INLET still achieves a lower OUTLET temperature than the small sealed ‘can type’.

Note: kit was designed on a 2009 A500 but may fit other models/years.

PLEASE NOTE: the filter elements are now the latest spec with Blue cotton gauze (not red in appearance) These are more rigid, easier to inspect + higher flow.

Colour choice:
Engine cover: Red or White
Induction pipe & rings: Black or Red

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 62 × 32 × 34 cm
Engine Cover Colour

Red, White, Black

Induction Pipe & Rings Colour

Black, Red