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Abarth 500 GTT Powermist System


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•Gains of 10 -15% more power & torque
•Makes even 95 octane regular pump fuel perform like 110+ octane race fuel
•Reduces charge inlet temps and in cylinder temps by up to 60 deg C
•Greatly reduces engine stress and risk of detonation failure
•Extremely low running costs, safe & ultra reliable

GTT – PowerMist All this can easily be achieved with GTT’s all new ‘PowerMist’ water injection system. Effective for all turbocharged or supercharged cars. Whether you are just starting out on your path of modifications, or you thought you had already ticked all the various mod boxes already…. ‘PowerMist’ takes you one big step further! The engineering quality and visual impact is stunning. Combining an all stainless steel mirror polished custom designed pump/tank with all visible welds removed. Tank is of approx 2 gallon capacity and features built in sight level glass, baffle, low fluid level float switch, quick release beautiful GTT alloy filler cap, and integral feet allowing simple bolting down to boot space floor. The tanks integrated pump is purpose designed to allow water, methanol or any percentage of water methanol mix to be used. Continuous running or ‘running dry’ situations do not present problems either. It has a very high output pressure of 17 bar and high delivery rate supporting engines up to 1500bhp! The pump is both water cooled via the fluid in the tank and at the same time air cooled by the very distinctive ‘finned’ heat-sink. (Choice of colours available) ‘PowerMists’ compact proportions and classic styling allow the tank to be unobtrusively and neatly positioned in one corner of the boot or as many will want, positioned centrally to become a ‘ visual high’, upstaging or visually complimenting many ICE systems! ‘PowerMist’ kits are available to suit all turbo cars from standard to the very highly modified. Kits come with our own high quality pressure sensor calibrated in house to activate the PowerMist at the optimum point and with correct size ‘Spiroflo’ injector nozzle for each car. Let us know your modifications list, and we will provide the best setup for you. Note to get the best performance from your PowerMist it is usually necessary to increase turbo boost and/or ignition advance. In many instances it is possible to actually lean out the fuel as well …saving fuel and gaining power at the same time. These changes can be carried out either by mechanical adjustment or remapping the cars ECU depending on application. We recommend you simply fit the kit ‘as supplied’ THEN remap to reap the rewards that PowerMists greatly increased octane and greatly reduced inlet temps allow! Running Costs? … PowerMist is only activated under load; therefore a single 2 gallon tank is likely to last between 1 and 4 tanks of petrol before needing a refill, dependant on how hard the car is driven. There is no need to ever use expensive race fuel again. In fact you won’t even need Super Unleaded…..95 octane will suffice saving you money to. Don’t forget your PowerMist can work extremely well using just distilled water, which is (almost) free!! If you choose to use methanol we recommend approx a 50/50 mix with water. Methanol costs? Around 50p to 90p per litre. Performance: You will not be disappointed, a local RR operator to us said in 25 years he had never seen inlet temps drop instantly by so much the moment the PowerMist was turned on. Similarly one car we developed the conversion on which previously would only allow 16psi before encountering knock, allowed 26psi to be used safely once the PowerMist was activated…no other changes made! Kits include;- Tank with integral Pump, pressure sensor, injector nozzle & holder , anti siphon check valve (all quick release fittings), nylon, tube, wiring , relay,’ low level’ and ‘pump on’ LEDS plus bracket for dashboard mount, 5 litres of 50/50% Water- Methanol mix ( to get you going!) Note: not included with mail order!

… plus full universal instructions & wiring diagrams .

Available in Powder coated Gloss Black, Red, or White Price £1195+vat (supply only).

Please request Cap + Finned Clamp (pump cover) colour on order notes or clamp & cap will be sent the same colour as the tank.

(Blue not available)


Note: this item is made to order, please allow approx. 3-4 weeks for dispatch

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 35 cm

Black, Red, Blue, White