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Mini Gen 1 GTT ECU Re-Map


Note – This item is set to out of stock as it requires us to book your car in to have the work done in our work shop, please contact us to make a booking.

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All GTT conversions include a re-flash to the ECU (optimised to the other components of each conversion) via the OBD2 port. This includes improvements to fuelling maps, ignition maps, traction control maps (smoother intervention) and where requested, slightly increased rev limit. All maps have been extensively tested and proven worldwide, since 2002. Similar maps are also used by other companies charging up to 4 times as much! Please note we only use the latest versions available, which are continually being improved. All GTT maps are biased to provide good reliability safety margins.
We do not run excessive lean mixtures or crazy rpm’s just to achieve the last 5 bhp at the expense of long term reliability. Our extensive test programmes include the use of on board Wide-Band super accurate O2 sensors and knock meters to ensure correct fuelling /ignition timing under all real world conditions. All our products have received much race track, drag strip and rolling road testing too! Worth noting is that our re-flash is invisible to the BMW dealers scan tool, we will also keep a copy of your file so in the event it were ever overwritten we can always reload it for you. We do not charge for this normally. We recommend the use of 97 or 98 octane petrol though 95 octanes (regular unleaded) can be used.

For: Gen 1 Cooper S