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Mini Gen 1 GTT Drive Belt



All GTT pulley conversions include a high quality replacement drive belt. Its construction is more supple than the original, important due to the tight radius loops encountered. As a bonus we find this belt is less prone to belt squeak or ticking. This belt is also shorter in length, ensuring that the tensioner remains at an optimum ‘midway’ position without risk of running out of adjustment (i.e. reaching the end stop) as the belt stretches. Although some companies don’t bother changing the belt with their pulley changes, we feel this is not only bad practice but the further extended tensioner wheel results in excessive ‘doubling back’ of the belt potentially shorting belt life and risk of premature failure. Remember that a shredded belt will leave you stranded so it is wise to take all possible precautions! Incidentally we would recommend a drive belt change once a year or every 12k miles (whichever the sooner).Various belt lengths available dependant on pulley combinations, please telephone for more info.


Note: Please state upon payment in the notes on the checkout page what size supercharger pulley and what size crank pulley you are running so we can supply you the correct size belt. Fits: Gen 1 Cooper S (also JCW / GP1) £29 +vat

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 10 cm