GTT Snoot Boots — Far superior to other copies that use our GTT ‘Snoot Boots’ name!! .

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These are vastly superior to other copies that use our ‘Snoot Boots’ name!! .

These are now included with the our GTT Intercooler or can be bought separately and come in choice of Red Black or Blue. ‘Snoot boots’ is the GTT trade name for the silicone couplers that join the intercooler to the ‘bull horns’. These are the only genuine Snoot Boots available …all the tooling was designed and made by GTT and manufacture contracted to SFS .
SFS stress that other silicone offerings are not pure silicone, using cheap inferior ‘fillers’ reducing quality and are usually made in India or China. SFS is UK made with the highest level of quality control and materials. Finally our Snoot Boots are 6 plies thick. In summary you get the best durability, best air seal and best vibration isolation. The GTT intercooler in use is totally isolated from engine vibration with no metal to metal contact ensuring GTT Intercooler fitted correctly will never crack

See images of fake snoot boots sold with ‘Other Brand Intercooler’ cracking because of non correct oval formation and cheap material and much thinner material…. some are just round hose that you have to stress into an oval shape!
The compound  to make the GTT/SFS Snoot Boots have high resistance to oils/greases unlike knock offs that just line the inside with a cheap substitute of inferior stnadards