GTT R53 COLD RAM INDUCTION KIT …The Coolest & Best selling Air Filter Kit By Far !

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This product still performs better than any other . Here’s a few reasons why;
1) Coldest possible air entering it . It is sealed against underside of bonnet lining. Has 2 Cold air feeds from both front and Rear. Has a unique double skin on the side facing the exhaust to further keep heat out….. No other brand comes close to this.
2) Lowest Restriction/ Pressure Loss. Large compartment allows air to flow in from all sides AND an additional gauze air inlet on the end..
3) 1 & 2 Above = Lowest possible air temp entering the engine. Any pressure drop through the filter means harder work and more temp increase throughout the SC ( or Turbo on R56) . Most people don’t understand that any slight pressure loss (ie restriction) through the filter results in big efficiency loss and charge air temp increase through the turbo/SC.This is actually of more importance than the temp of the air ENTERING the filter, but few understand this so rarely gets consideration.
4) Almost full 360 degree entry angle Ram-pipe design. Allows air to ‘roll in’ the trumpet end from all directions, as it protrudes well out into the filter element. You can read theory of how this compares to an entrance that is in effect a round hole in a plate (Only 180 degree entry angle).
5) LIGHT WEIGHT … No heavy mild steel here . Mild Steel also rusts if you chip the paint.
6) Retains original intake hose . These when on the Throttle body present no step on the inside when fitted . The coloured hoses you see offered with some other brands don’t have a step inside the hose to allow for the TB . This means when fitted there then IS a step on the inside. ie the lip around the TB. If you can understand this, you will agree standard hose is best ..End of !
7) Easy to fit in 10 minutes . Even the additional holes in the scuttle panel can be performed in situ and take just 2 minutes.
8) Designed & made in England . Nearly always in stock , and available in Red, Blue, Black and White.
9) System can be serviced/cleaned easily , with parts available in stock.


We have manufacturing Cold Ram Induction Kits since the early 90’s (R5 GT Turbo)


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