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An Origin Story……


Back in late 2003 We got our hands on some of the first John Cooper Works Tuned R53s. Having already brought out GTT Tuning kits for the Cooper s models , We went to find ways to further improve the JCW to get it up to a GTT spec Cooper S or beyond.

One of the First thing we noticed was how restrictive the JCW airbox was… even when “pinning open” the butterfly valve on the rear of the airbox. This was mostly due to the smaller paper element inside and being a Closed in Box + the element was a closed end type!.

Knowing that JCW owners would normally want to keep the JCW appearance “pure” GTT in 2003/2004 came up with the first STEALTH HYBRID INDUCTION KIT which utilizes the JCW airbox and an uprated GTT element for maximum flow for this box. This was a very popular option when JCW owners were having GTT upgrades… they also loved the fact the GTT AEROBOX STRUTBRACE was compatible.

Standard R53 Cooper S’ (and some JCWs) having a GTT tuning kit would opt for the much higher flowing GTT COLD RAM INDUCTION KIT… (or as a stand alone upgrade)

Back in the early 2000s GTT wasn’t online / on forums. Only many years later did we start getting into FB, Forums & Online sales… many products remained low key apart from magazines and car shows.. We were “Old School” tuners with adverts in Fast Car etc,

Some Cooper S’ Owners wanted to keep the car remaining looking OEM,  so we would either offer a more stealthy black GTT cold ram or for other customers, at request we would make up the original GTT R53 COOPER S STEALTH/HYBRID Induction Kits while the car was in with us as a custom part (not mass produced). (several years later this kit was later released as a mail order item)…. Having been such a popular mod, Other people started making DIY kits / Mass producing a similar product with similar wording.

Pictures attached are of our early 2000s original instructions and both JCW & COOPER S HYBRID STEALTH kit pictures……

GTT R53 COLD RAM INDUCTION KIT …The Coolest & Best selling Air Filter Kit By Far !