Supercharger Rebuild FAQs

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Rebuilds are normally completed within 48hours after payment is received. You can also Pay in advance via website for a faster turnaround time (we will prioritise you)
Payments can  be made via GTT website (select your spec) here.…/minig…/mini-g1-supercharger-rebuild/
UK rebuilds are returned via 1 working day courier and international via Express. (Postage charged on website is for the return shipping. We do not collect your parcel)
Please ensure you put your contact details in the box (inc. email address) and package very well.
Remove water pump and large Air outlet “horn” from top of sc.
 We rebuild superchargers received from all over the world.
Send to: Mr Gardiner, GT Tuning LTD, Unit 10 Uplands Way, Blandford Heights, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 7UZ (United Kingdom)
Ensure non-UK Superchargers are sent to us with the correct customs information (we are not taking ownership of the unit, therefor we do not pay import duties or tax for this) The tax of the rebuild service & new items will be paid by the customer where applicable when returned to the customers country.
Superchargers are returned ready to install with oil inside!
If you are unsure what rebuild you want or require, we will usually inspect within 1 working day of us receiving it and email you with our findings.
We have been rebuilding SC for over 8 years and well over 800 units.
Are rebuilds are a well proven success / solution. We are the original Mini SC specialist who were determined to fully understand the cause, symptoms and create the ultimate rebuild solution that will always be far superior to DIY kits & “new on the Scene” / claimed Generic Sc Gurus” That copy our research and articles to fool you of an equal standard.
Please see all our articles below from nearly 20years of experience with the R53 & 8 years of rebuilding SCs.
If you ignore your SC service/inspections, you WILL risk the unit being US (unserviceable) + risk of catastrophic engine failure (from no water pump drive)
Rebuilds are the most cost-effective time to replace the SC pulley for a reduction and the most beneficial mod for the Supercharged Mini with approx. 25-30BHP gain! (Free installation with GTT Snout Rebuilds!)
We will only reinstall OEM and GTT pulleys if pulley is removed. (Clamp on types will be returned loose) As we do not recommend them due to the damage they can cause. (See article)
All SC need rebuilding regardless of mileage. This is mostly due to the age of the supercharger being at least 10-15 years old and the standard inferior internal oil seals perish.
For enquires email:
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