All New “GTT Fork Drive Pro” — Supercharger to Waterpump Drive

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New 2020 Optional Extra…. The “GTT Fork Drive Pro” This has been designed with over 50% less rotational play/backlash when mated to the water pumps “fork drive”… as many will know the OEM one gets very worn from this over time and becomes both noisy and unserviceable.

Manufactured from top spec high carbon toughened steel  and plated to protect against corrosion.

This is a Exclusive optional extra item we install with GTT PTO PLUS Rebuilds.

Note: some cases might be mandatory to replace if your OEM one has worn.

£29+vat Extra (installed only)

Over the years we have seen  many Supercharger which many of the OEM PTO Drive forks needed replacing.

They fail/wear from years of backlash against the waterpumps counter-part “fork drive” due to having excessive rotational Tolerance “play” which causes friction when changing speed of the supercharger + every time the engine started…. this eventually makes the two fork drives both wear a “sloped” contact area resulting in making them push away from each other…. which results in horizontal end that damages both the PTO Plate bearing/seal and waterpump.

As our “GTT Fork Drive” have a  tighter tolerance to the waterpumps, this will significantly reduce/stop this occurring.


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We always strongly recommend a new waterpump with supercharger rebuilds.



A quick video to compare the PTO to Water “Fork Drives”
GTT Pro drive has 50% less backlash than a new stock one.
The excessive backlash over the years of stop engine starting, acceleration and engine braking causes this wear.
As you can see, the wear makes a “cork screw” effect on the drive pushiness the two drives away from each other resulting in end force on the delicate PTO bearings and waterpump.
This wears out both items and can even cause the bearing to collapse in the PTO and the spindle to drop out of the oil seal (destroying the PTO) we have seen many examples of this! …. Rene, if your PTO fails, you will have no drive to the waterpump! And will result in catastrophic engine failure if unattended.
This video is shown on a new waterpump, however a used waterpump will have even worse backlashing and corkscrewing.