Engine Coolant Inside R53 Superchargers PTO………………?

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These are very rare cases (appox.1/15 ) where the water pumps seal fails and coolant forces its way into the Superchargers PTO ….

The water pump and PTOs mating surfaces corrode together making a seal….. so the coolant may not even be coolant dripping on the floor.

Some images shown are when it has been caught early (wet inside) others are where rust/corrosion has occurred from being left unattended.( some owners may just replace the waterpump not knowing the damage to the supercharger it has caused… then the PTO dries out and corrodes)

Even just stopping driving the car and leaving it can cause damage. It needs to be removed instantly and inspected / rebuilt. As you can see sometimes the coolant breaks into the PTO and severely corrodes the rotor drive shafts oil seal face. Leaving water/coolant inside will rapidly rust!

We have even seen a few incidents where the coolant gets through the second oil seal in the PTO (under small gear) into the rotor housing..

The seal behind the fork drive is also replaced during a GTT PTO rebuild. We  a new water pump must be fitted at the same time.