Why Light Weight Alloy Flywheels Are Best !

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The Advantages of using our GTT Light Weight Alloy Flywheels over Light Weight Steel Flywheels !

1) Alloy Flywheels with their aluminium body allow the heat from the clutch surfaces to be taken away far more effectively than steel . Result …less chance of clutch slip due to overheating clutch under extreme use.
2) Steel Flywheels are far more likely to ‘explode’ at very high rpm !
3) Alloy Flywheels allow their separate steel friction plate to be unbolted and replaced for new . A cheap, ( £39+vat part) & easy DIY fix … Steel Flywheels do not offer this .

4) An Alloy Flywheel with a worn Ring Gear ( For the starter motor) can be unbolted and replaced easily . Steel Flywheels are scrap once the gear teeth are sufficiently damaged.