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Mini Gen 2 GTT Cold Ram ‘Extreme’ Induction Kit (Cars with MAF N14 & N18)


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A small enclosed ‘can type’ filter with long snorkel to front grille = Flow restrictions at full boost/rpm = A negative pressure (thinner air) at the turbo INLET = Higher turbo OUTLET temperatures + increased lag and turbo wear due to extra work for the turbo!
GTT ‘open’ ram design with its ultra low air restriction achieves the lowest air temps at the turbo OUTLET…. this is what the engine receives after all. Even in situations where the air entering the filter may be hotter the higher pressure at the turbo INLET still achieves a lower OUTLET temperature than the small sealed ‘can type’.

Features of the kit:

* TRUE 360 DEGREE AIR ENTRY ANGLE RAM PIPE. GTT design can pull air in from behind the trumpet (rolls in around the lip) as well as the sides and the end.( It also has a second filter gauze across the end rather than the usual blanking plate.

* Optimum filtration only achieved by using corrugated cotton gauze element (rated for to 400bhp cars) for maximum surface area + can be easily cleaned.

* High Quality Powder coat aluminium throughout (no painted mild steel)..

* Can be DIY fitted in 30 minutes

* Typical power increase.5-15bhp. (Dependant of other mods)
* Nice powerful induction sound, plus it allows the standard dump valve to be heard to.

* Fits with our GTT Strut Braces

* Light weight & fully rubber mounted.

* Additional ‘slash cut’ alloy pipe (included) diverts cold air to underside of filter

* Includes all clamps/bolts/hose etc.

GTT COLD RAM PIPE – machined from solid 4.5inch diameter billet alloy! No other manufacturer does this for a production filter as is expensive.

TECHNICAL INFO: This kit uses the latest Version 2 GTT Cold Ram trumpet that is similar to our Version 1 used on the GTT R53 Cold Ram Induction kit included in GTT 220 conversions and above. True 360 degree rolled edge (CNC turned from solid) Ram-Pipe! This is expensive to produce and quite unique as other companies (if they even use a Ram Pipe at all!) use a ‘spun alloy’ ram-pipe that will always have an ‘undercut’ lip which cannot allow air to be drawn in from behind the pipe. This is as a poor substitute for a true machined fully round section lip. Our Ram-Pipe will pull air from all directions including behind the pipe, avoiding undesirable ‘eddy’ air currents at the trumpet entrance.

The Ram Pipe is machined with a nice length so that it protrudes well out inside the air filter element, if it was flat against the back plate face it could never draw in air from the rear! By comparison a round hole at one end of the air box flow-wise almost about as bad as it gets, we know as we’ve tested them on a flow bench! For the coldest air exiting the turbo (which is what the engine gets after inter-cooling) you must have the least restrictive filter. A completely sealed off filter in a can with just a cold air pipe entering it will be restrictive at full… boost & rpm. This causes a small negative pressure at the turbo compressor inlet. This then means a lot more work for the turbo to get from a slightly negative pressure ( say -1 psi below atmospheric) to target boost ( say +15 psi) …It still achieves 15psi but the air is much hotter when it gets there due to the extra work involved i.e. turbo turns faster . This now hotter air contains less oxygen as is less dense. A restrictive filter receiving only cold air from the atmosphere will result in higher temps at the turbo compressor OUTLET than a non restrictive filter receiving even slightly warmer air!
In summary we want cold air, but not at the expense of any restriction under demand, as this heats everything up more by the time it’s pressurized by the turbo. GTT Cold Ram gets cold air feed from above i.e. the scoop (open up if blocked off btw) and the GTT ducting which connects to original air box cold feed pipe, diverting cold air to underside of filter to. .Only GTT Cold Ram design does this whilst still allowing a 360 degree angle air entry angle achieving almost zero restrictions (Pressure loss) even at 300bhp output.
Available in Black or  Red (Black kit with Black hose, Red kit with Red hose)

Note: Blue hose shown in pictures is no longer used with black kit.
Fits: Gen 2 Cooper S / JCW N14 & N18 versions with a MAF sensor.  If you Do not have a MAF sensor (most N14 engines) Please order the Non MAF Sensor Version here


Body shape:- Hatch, Convertible, Clubman, Coupe, Roadster








Note: Some later N18 engines have a different intake pipe with 45 deg elbow, You will need to purchase an aftermarket silicone one type or earlier genuine MINI N18 pipe ( We can supply request)

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 33 × 34 × 30 cm

Black/Black Hose, Red/Red Hose, Blue/Blue Hose