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Mini Gen 2 GTT N18 Oil Catch Can


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After the high success & effectiveness of the GTT N14 Oil Catch Cans we decided to design an N18 Variant.


Key points:

  • Unique high quality design.
  • Dip stick for measuring catch can content.
  • Drain plug.
  • Alarm Switch relocation bracket.
  • Internal baffling & 180 deg. deflectors for ultimate catching.
  • Complex CNC fittings.
  • Protects engine from coking and detonation.
  • Large volume can.
  • Colour options.
  • Designed & Made in England!

Kit includes: all fittings, hoses, brackets and instructions.

Technical info:

These are needed to fully purge the system of oil mist, steam & other contaminants from re-entering the turbo & engine under all driving conditions from idle & part throttle to full throttle & boost. Unfortunately there are so many different types of kits available with opposing and conflicting theories, resulting in much confusion for the consumer. Also the plumbing is often messy & not easy to install for the DIY mechanic unlike the GTT version. Whether standard or modified, these cars certainly need a good OCC system like no other! Re-mapping for more power and turbo boost without an OCC on this delicate engine, will almost certainly be a recipe for long term disaster. Continual contaminated ‘oil mist’ re-entering the inlet manifold & turbo compressor reduces the fuel octane causing ‘engine killing’ pinking & knock. It also produces much carbon build up on the back of the inlet valves which is a big problem with these cars and needs to be addressed. Here we will list a few things that are important to incorporate within the design, and also things that should be avoided!


GTT Key Points:

Dipstick to monitor oil level:

Plastic tube slight glass is of little use on an OCC. Firstly it goes brown very quickly making it hard to read. Secondly it can leak. An Oil Level Dipstick is a much neater idea. Design should be of the screw in type, as anything less than a perfect seal will affect the operation on the PCV valve circuit


OCC Design Should Have Internal Method of Trapping the Oil. GTT OCC’s point the oil mist downwards at the entry point; yet collect oil free air from the very top on exit. Many cheap designs have the inlet and outlets almost pointing at each other allowing some oil to bridge the gap rather than remaining in the OCC.


Good internal design will prevent much more of the oil etc. getting past the OCC, ensuring it is stopped and stored in the OCC.

Pipe Work Should Be Custom Designed Where Possible To Allow Optimum Shape & Diameters At The Various Connection Points


Custom Fittings Are Required for a professional set up without any air leaks….. These are not cheap or easy to design properly, but these are ‘a must’ on this car.

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Fits: Gen 2 Cooper S N18 Engines

Body shape:- Hatch, Convertible, Clubman, Coupe, Roadster (may also fit Countryman & Pacemen models but we do not guarantee this!)


Please Note: Fittings are not available separately. (Do Not Ask)


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm

Black, White, Red