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Mini Gen 1 GTT Supercharger Snout Rebuild


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GTT offer full rebuild of the snout (front/nose) end of the Superchargers as well. Although not as common for this end to fail in the way the PTO (rear) end does, we have seen an increasing number fail now.
GTT Snout rebuild consists of full snout strip down, clean, inspect and rebuild comprising 2 x ball races, and new snout seal . Also included is GTT Coupler and oil change.
Typically 3 day turnaround of your own supercharger sent direct to GTT. Service is to rebuild your own supercharger (not exchange)



Snout Rebuild Price when having the PTO PLUS rebuild done at the same time    £299 +vat
Worth noting it is an ideal time to have Standard SC pulley removed and a GTT -17% pulley fitted as a great power upgrade which is much easier to complete whilst the charger is off the car ..We also provide the shorter drive belt that is required….POA

The shipping charge is for us to return your item (we do not collect your charger)

Note: We will NOT fit / refit other brand pulleys to supercharger apart from GTT and Standard.(we will return other brand ones uninstalled with supercharger).

Supply And Fit GTT Reduction Pulley Service

It is an ideal time to have your Standard  pulley removed to be replaced with a GTT -15% or -17% pulley, this is the most cost effective time to replace and the most beneficial mod for the Supercharged Mini with approx. 25-30BHP gain! . Please select option. Note: You will need to purchase a shorter drive belt with reduction pulleys.

Just £99+vat extra in conjunction with Snout Rebuild

Spec of pulley: https://www.gtt.uk.com/product/mini-gen-1-gtt-supercharger-pulley/


Snout rebuild Alone  £399 +vat.

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Rebuild Options

Snout Rebuild Alone, Rebuild + GTT -17% Pulley, Rebuild + GTT -15% Pulley