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Mini Gen 1 GTT Up-rated Supercharger Drive Coupler



Supercharger Gears

* Uprated design to reduce noise ‘Clatter’ due to a worn standard item.

* Eliminates backlash and slop from worm coupler that has elongated the holes (you can’t see it but it can be measured).

* GTT item transmits smooth drive to the rotors

* Up-rated material spec. Which has the ideal degree of flex, yet excellent resistance to heat and durable in an oil environment.

Note. Far superior to cheap ‘Poly’ and other plastics!



* Correct design with 6 raised bosses.

 Note…..Far superior to the ‘flat disc’ type offered elsewhere! ….The bosses are there for a reason.

* Easy to fit DIY with the supercharger removed.

* Fits all Eaton M45 and M60 superchargers.

* designed and made in the UK Exclusively by GTT



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 8 cm