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Mini Gen 1 GTT ‘Ring Gear’ for R53 Aluminium Lightweight Flywheel



Replacement ring for GTT Flywheel only….As shown here https://www.gtt.uk.com/product/mini-gen-1-gtt-r53-aluminium-lightweight-flywheel/

Very slowly Precision cut to perfectly match the oem tooth form unlike other brands (that are noisy when cranking+wear quickly)

considerably wider than other brands for a longer life.

Starter Motor issues article MUST READ! https://www.gtt.uk.com/4858-2/

If your Starter motor has jammed or been sticking or a loose item in clutch bell house or cranking a seized engine / in gear  and has caused damage to you FW Ring Gear then you will need this item (great advantage of a removable ring gear).

Only use high quality OEM Starter motors! (cheap aftermarket, pattern and recons can cause many issues, they crack and lose alignment) poor quality aluminium has casting porosity and cracks.

New V2 features even higher spec tough steel!

Flywheel Ring Gear can be unbolted and replaced easily ….. Steel Flywheels are scrap once the gear teeth are sufficiently damaged.

Fits both V1 & V2 Flywheel.



Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 cm