GTT 2008 Sidewalk Upgrade / restoration Project

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380cc Injectors



Double Iridium Spark Plugs



16 Cooling Tubes Top Mount Intercooler


Red Snoot Boots


Cold Ram Induction Kit


17% SC pulley


Optimized bypass valve


Oil Catch Can ( see pictures showing that you can fit our Oil Catch Can with the convertibles extra bracing).However these braces do very little, only held by 2 X M6 bolts.


Suspension Caps


Billet Oil Cap


GTT/JCW big brake kit (294mm discs) + braided lines..& new rigid brake pipes.


Rear Spiroslot Brake kit.


16mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers + longer bolts incl locking bolts. All around


New Rear Belt line Weather Strip/Moulding


Stainless steel, fully Tig welded Sportlite cat back exhaust system.


‘S’ logo black under tray.


Aerobox Strutbrace


Front Lower Chassis Brace.


Lower Mid chassis brace.

GTT Chassis braces are a must have !….. Even more so with the convertibles!

As you can see Even a 50k Miles 2008 SC needed Inspection + rebuild/service! Oil had nearly all drained!