2002 R53 GTT Oil Catch Can Installation

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On 2002  (Mostly  ’02 and ’52 plate cars)  Mini decided to put the 8mm mounting point (earth stud) further forwards by approx. 30mm, thus requiring a slightly different fitting method of the GTT OCC . Note…All other R53 model years are not affected and offer a more simple fitting.

In order to fit the GTT OCC to most 2002 cars which have this spec a couple of small changes need to be made . The main two are drilling one 8mm hole in the base of the can, and removing the powdercoat from the OCC tag and the underside of the OCC to maintain good electrical conductivity. The paint removal if done carefully is completely covered and cannot be seen once fitted. Polished version does not require any paint removal as will conduct electricity as is. Both these mods can be performed by us free of charge prior to despatch if required, but only if requested by the customer . If in doubt send us a pic of the earth stud on your car and we will confirm which arrangement your car has.

PIC 1 This shows where the 8mm hole needs to  be drilled. Also paint must be removed with a ‘flapwheel’ (or similar) from underside of OCC .

PIC 2 Shows 8mm stud position is more forwards than on 2003-2006 cars.

PIC 3 Shows tightening of OCC to chassis. Note orientation  of OCC.

PIC 4 Shows earth strap positioning. Note… Where strap is bolted to OCC paint must also be removed from bracket face to ensure good electrical connection.

PIC 5 Shows internal flange nut . Note…. Use small amount of sealant to ensure no oil leakage.

PIC 6 Shows hose routing ..Front view

PIC 7 Shows hose routing ..Side View. Note….Cable ties can be used on hose connections, but do not use ‘jubilee’ type clips.