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SAVE! DEAL PRICE….Limited time only at this price!

After (or before) fitting the GTT 220 kit this is the perfect next step.
This is a perfect step or stand alone power/performance modification for the R53.
Works very well with GTT sports manifold & CAT/De-cat+ Cat back system
Our camshaft is designed for gains across the rev range but low to mid in particular without causing that awful lumpy idle that other can.
Increasing injector size also severely prevents pinking occurring on a tuned engine

GTT Stage 2 Performance Camshaft

Brand new Billet camshaft (not re-ground)
Produced to our own spec with over 15 years development and improvements. Further increasing power output with no loss of low end power whatsoever. The spec is very similar to the Schrick camshafts timing but with the added benefit of slightly more valve lift on both the inlet and exhaust valves. A seamless smooth increase in power across the entire rev range. No noisy or lumpy idle! Can be used with standard or larger injectors without re-mapping. Best camshaft available for the R53.

Fits: all Gen 1 petrol models


Set of 4 GTT 440cc Fuel Injectors

Using injectors too big can cause poor running problems at idle and light throttle. 440cc is the optimum size injector for any supercharged Cooper S and will achieve 260bhp running only 80% of its maximum output/duty cycle. Any ‘Injector size power output calculator’ website will confirm this to be correct.
Our injectors have the correct OE electrical connectors, the correct physical size, correct spray pattern and correct electrical impedance. a remap is not normally necessary (the cars “smart” ECU learns as you drive)
Fits: Gen 1 Cooper S (also JCW / GP1)


Video: R53 Cooper S GTT 440cc Fuel Injector Replacement Tutorial

Note: injector appearance may vary from picture shown.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 55 cm