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Mini Gen 2 Wheel Spacers 16mm



Wheel spacers are used for various reasons; to provide clearance between the wheels and brakes/ suspension, to look purposeful, or to improve handling. The Mini is unusual for a performance FWD car in that the front track width and rear track width are near identical. This results in the front washing out when pushed hard, i.e. the front slides (under steer). By comparison a standard 1989 205 GTi 1.9 is 30 mm wider at the front than the back! To combat this on the Mini, increasing the track width on the front will improve the front grip during cornering.
A pair of GTT 16mm wheel spacers on the front can make a huge improvement to ‘turn in’. These are not universal spacers but made specifically for the Mini. They are spigoted for accurate and strong location. We also produce 6mm flat spacers. All GTT spacers are sold in pairs.
Note: Longer wheel bolts should be used with wheel spacers POA

Fits: All Gen 1 & 2 Minis (Not Countryman or Paceman)

Body shape:- Hatch, Convertible, Clubman, Coupe, Roadster.

£59+ vat (16mm pair)

Please Note:

Stock varies from 15mm – 16mm ( please state preference but will be sent at random otherwise)

Extended wheel bolts will be required when fitting spacers to your vehicle. It is the responsibility of the person fitting the spacers to ensure the correct and safe fitment. Please ensure the backface of the spacer is completely flush with the wheel hub when fitting, It is also critical that the correct amount of turns are obtained from the wheel bolt when tightening the wheel back onto the vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 17 × 17 cm