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Mini Gen 1 GTT Sports Manifold + Removable Cat Section (Stainless Steel)


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To make this the best available we have a few tricks up our sleeve. Manifold features TIG welding; this is vastly superior to MIG welding used by most. It’s better penetration resulting in a much stronger, smaller, & neater weld. This takes a lot longer to produce, but we think the Mini deserves proper engineering! Secondly we use not only 1.5″ tube for the primaries. The flange plate is machined to the exact profile of the OEM manifold gasket; no steps & no restriction. Manifolds with round holes on the top flange plate are no good at all, they however much cheaper to make. The head ports are a rectangular shape with R15 rads on the top 2 corners and R6 rad. on the lower 2 corners. The manifold needs to match this, and then achieve good smooth profile transition into the 1.5″ diameter primaries. Finally we have opted for a 1.2mm narrow wall tube to reduce weight, remember weight is the enemy! The 200 CPSI high efficiency/flow sports cat is unique in that it is a separate section, flange mounted at each end between the GTT manifold and the exhaust system. This allows quick and easy changeover without removing or disturbing either part. Why would I want this? Two reasons ,one is it allows our optional GTT ‘cat bypass link pipe’ to be easily substituted for track days & racing, releasing more power and reducing weight in the process. And secondly it gives provision for simple & cost effective cat replacement i.e. you don’t need to purchase a complete new manifold too we have seen some aftermarket sports cats failing after just 30000 miles.This shows as fault code P0420 ‘catalyst system efficiency below threshold’ and can cause mot failure and emissions test fail. With our system should the cat eventually become contaminated, you can purchase just a replacement cat, much cheaper & much easier to fit. Note: The GTT Sports Manifold / Cat can be used with most exhaust systems.
Fits: all Gen 1 petrol models.

GTT Sports Manifold + Removable Cat section. £869+vat

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 55 cm