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Mini Gen 1 GTT Front Spiroslot Brake Kit



These are a direct replacement for the stock plain discs fitted to all Mini models, offering improved braking and stunning looks. Initial bite is better & there is less inclination towards fade or fluid boil at the limit. Each pair of discs comes complete with Kevlar compound fast road brake pads. We have conducted extensive research and testing to ensure this kit is the best bar none. Benchmark products for comparisons were stock (obviously) and a set of EBC grooved/dimpled discs + Green stuff pads. Incidentally GTT are not new to producing performance discs. Since 1992 under the trade name ‘Pro- Disk’ we produced grooved discs for dozens of performance cars.
– Fine ‘equal size particle’ cast pearlitic steel. (I.e. not low grade Chinese import grade castings!)
– Run-out machined to <.001″ TIR, stock tolerance is <.002″ Many pattern discs are machined to <.004″. In essence with GTT discs there is less risk of warping or pedal judder occurring.
– All Discs dynamically balance.
– 7 ‘Spiroslot’ grooves per face (alternating radial position), CNC machined as a left & right handed pair. The square channel grooves expel dust, gasses & water more effectively than ‘spherical nose’ machined grooves, and will also deglaze the pads properly without risk of the slot reintroducing the dust back under the pad.
-The bell section of the disc (the bit in the middle you see which is not swept by the pads) is finished with SILVER anti corrosion coating from casting factory. This is more durable than the gold colour zinc passivate others use. Our way is the same as Audi & many other prestige car makers use to keep the OEM discs looking good.
-Very high performance Dot 5.1 brake fluid provided FREE with every kit.

Fits: All Gen 1 models with standard brakes.

Front brake package:- 1 pair of handed Spiroslot discs + 1 set of Kevlar pads.+ Free Dot 5.1 brake fluid.

Note: no longer grey coating…. finished with SILVER anti corrosion coating from casting factory

Note: Brake fluid not included with overseas orders.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 33 × 34 × 19 cm