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Mini Gen 1 GTT Exhaust Re-Route Pipe




This is included in GTT240 conversions and above. This product effectively gives you aftermarket system benefits at a fraction of the price, whilst maintaining the stock tailpipe appearance. The OE system is a mind boggling maze of tight bends with two silencers. The GTT Re-Route pipe deletes many of these bends and one of the silencers, reducing restrictions and giving a better exhaust note in the process (not too loud). As an added bonus it also removes nearly 20lb in weight! It is manufactured from S304 stainless steel so never rusts out. With the cars becoming older now many cars are starting to suffer from a rotted out standard right hand silencer. The GTT Re Route pipe is the ideal fix for this to, as this silencer is removed anyway! TIG welded throughout & mirror polished. Comes complete with clamps.

Fits: Gen 1 Cooper S standard exhaust system.

GTT badge for illustration purpose only (not included)

Note – Only fits hard top models, for convertible cars please contact us first.



Fitting notes:

This should be done by experienced mechanic if unsure how to install.

with the car off the ground, Hold re-route in line with both the centre pipe and the rear L/H silencers inlet pipe to gauge position (from underneath)

Ensure 45-70mm of is left on both ends of the exhaust to slide into the re-route before cutting. Mark this position and either cut on the car or removed from car (remove R/H rear silencer )

Clean rusty freshly cut exhaust pipe ends / deburr after cutting and sliding re-route pipe over both ends. (use a small amount of exhaust paste for sealing)

Adjust position with new clamps loose until tail pipes sit correctly in the bumper cut-out then fully tighten.


For R52s, the pipe is partially squashed like the original system. Note you may need to still space down the R52 additional bracing approx. 5-8mm

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 30 × 18 cm