The N14 Turbo Heat Shield That Does NOT Melt your Cam Cover!

‘WORKS’ or ‘S’ Variants Proven since 2014s release! Unlike some other brands, our Turbo Heat shields/covers do not melt the Head/Cam cover. In some instances we have heard of & seen heavy smoke filling the car and small fires starting in … Read More


LIGHTENED STEEL/CAST IRON FLYWHEELS CAN EXPLODE.. AND WORSE !! It has been brought to our attention an incident involving a Mini ( Metro) with A Lightened STEEL  flywheel broke/ shattered during a race meeting and the parts carved their way into … Read More

GTT’s Black Stealth R56 JCW Project

(info taken from sale advert)   stunningly beautiful and very unique R56 Cooper S/JCW with very high spec! BEST ON THE SCENE!   Important note for buyers: If you’re looking to buy an R56 without forged pistons, uprated turbo and … Read More

Just Released!!……GTT N18 Oil Catch Can

After the high success & effectiveness of the GTT N14 Oil Catch Cans we have decided to design an N18 Variant.       See full details here    

Emptying Boost Circuit Oil Catch Can

Emptying the collectings of the boost circuit GTT oil catch can. This one was last emptied 2 months ago and 3/4 full. Contents have less carbon chunks and water than the vacuum circuit can. And this one is more oil. … Read More

Emptying the N14 Vacuum Oil Catch Can

Emptying the collectings of oil, water and carbon deposits in chunks! This is the vacuum circuit GTT n14 oil catch can after 3months since last emptied. It was nearly full!! http://

Bolt-on VS Interference Fit Supercharger Pulleys

Our GTT Super Charger pulleys use an interference fit system to the shaft (same as OEM pulley) rather than the ‘bolt on’ type. As you can see these ‘bolt on’ pulleys have slid along the shaft (the big gap shown … Read More

First L@@k >> ‘GTT R56 OIL CATCH CANS’ (N14 engine) + Article

         ‘GTT ULTIMATE GUIDE TO R56 OIL CATCH CANS’ (N14 engine) We are currently working on brand new design oil catch cans (x2) for the R56 Cooper S. These are needed to fully purge the system of oil mist, steam & … Read More

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