Supercharger Rebuild FAQs

Rebuilds are normally completed within 48hours after payment is received. You can also Pay in advance via website for a faster turnaround time (we will prioritise you) Payments can  be made via GTT website (select your spec) here.…/minig…/mini-g1-supercharger-rebuild/ UK … Read More

Black and Red

Just some nice pics of customers orders in the Red/Black theme.

GTT 2008 Sidewalk Upgrade / restoration Project

    380cc Injectors     Double Iridium Spark Plugs     16 Cooling Tubes Top Mount Intercooler   Red Snoot Boots   Cold Ram Induction Kit   17% SC pulley   Optimized bypass valve   Oil Catch Can ( … Read More

GTT R53 Eaton M45 Supercharger Rebuilds 6 years on… Updates and Developments.

Important note! we keep stressing how important it is to get every supercharger rebuilt if it has never been done. Leaving it until it starts to get noisy is risky and leaving it longer and continue driving will severely increased … Read More

The GTT – Porsche Big Brake Kit 341mm!

See current spec, prices and options here: Gen 1 Gen 2   Replacement parts:  


DIY SUPERCHARGER OIL REPLACEMENT KITS WITH SYRINGE…… we have seen this a few times where people use these kits to refill/replace the superchargers oil through the drain plugs. This is highly risky as you do not know the condition of … Read More

Engine Coolant Inside R53 Superchargers PTO………………?

These are very rare cases (appox.1/15 ) where the water pumps seal fails and coolant forces its way into the Superchargers PTO …. The water pump and PTOs… mating surfaces corrode together making a seal….. so the coolant may not even be … Read More

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