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Mini Gen 1 GTT Large Throttle Bodies


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The Standard 57mm throttle body when modifying to higher levels of power becomes a restriction that needs to be removed. Consider also that at wide open throttle the excessively wide butterfly spindle imposes a further restriction (a reduction of 570 square mm’s) reducing the cross sectional area to the equivalent of just 50mm diameter! At GTT we precision bore to 63mm diameter. This size perfectly matches the internal diameter of the SC inlet plenum which it is bolted and dowelled onto. The surface finish is maintained to CLA 32 or better. In other words very fine and accurate, ensuring no sticking throttle plate or leaking on idle. We have seen other offerings that would make a ploughed field look flat! Throttle bodies are sold on exchange. Where possible the customers own part is modified. Note: Cooper / one throttle bodies are increased from 52mm to 57mm.

Available for: Gen 1 Cooper S (also JCW / GP1) or Cooper/One models

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£299+vat (exchange)

Please note external casting appearance may differ from images as these are sold on an exchange basis (not brand new castings) a LOT OF WORK GOES INTO MAKING THESE COMPLEX ITEMS, You cannot see the unit when installed, you will not be disappointed by the performance!

The car will calibrate the TB automatically after a minute of full operation (rev the car / drive it)

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 22 cm

Cooper S, Cooper/One