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Mini Gen 1 GTT Supercharger Rotor Pack Rebuild


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As many people know we have been offering both PTO (Power Take Off) and Snout (Nose) rebuilds now for the R53 Supercharger for some time now . With a small number of chargers coming through the door requiring rotor pack bearing replacements, we are now in the position of being able to offer this service as well.
The main difficulties concerning rebuilding this part of the SC are :-

A) Sourcing suitable bearings and seals.
b) Accurately re-timing the 2 rotors ( The radial orientation relative to each other).
We are pleased to say we now have the correct special bearings & seals in stock. We have also designed and made tooling to facilitate the super precision rotor re-timing required during refitting of the front gears.
WARNING.. If you have decided to press off the front gears yourself , your SC is effectively scrap now , so please don’t do it . Please send us the complete supercharger . We will carry out an initial inspection and advise you which area of your SC requires reconditioning. Whichever service is required we will automatically fit a new uprated GTT Coupler and 2 x Fully Synthetic Oil changes as part of the job.

With new units costing a whopping £1350, and second hand units of ‘unknown condition’ becoming both scarce and more expensive, a GTT rebuild on your own charger makes much more sense.

Normally a 48hr service turnaround of your own supercharger sent direct to GTT. Service is to rebuild your own supercharger (not exchange)

Note: It is an ideal time to have your Standard SC pulley removed and a GTT -17% pulley fitted as a great power upgrade which is much easier to complete whilst the charger is off the car.We also provide the shorter drive belt that is required…POA

The shipping charge is for us to return your item (we do not collect your charger)

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 45 x 35 x 35 cm