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Mini Gen 1 GTT R53 Aluminium Lightweight Flywheel


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Product Description

This is the only aluminum flywheel to by designed and made in the UK for the Cooper S (all the others being US made). Here is a brief outline of spec:-
* 6082 T6 Alloy used. This is the highest grade 6000 series alloy available, being both stronger (with higher resistance to fatigue) AND lighter in weight than 6061 T6 spec alloy used by others. CNC machined to the closest tolerances, Giving smoother operation and less vibration.
* GTT Stepped clutch location dowels, making it impossible for them to come out …We had an issue with another brand alloy F/W around 2009, one dowel dropped out, wrapped its way around outside of F/W and smashed 2 big holes through the sides of the gearbox.oil everywhere.
* Quieter starter operation…..We found that the starter ring gear on another brand did not have the exact original gear teeth form. Similar but not quite right, the result on 2 samples was noisy starter motor operation. GTT ring gear uses identical tooth form to the OEM dual mass item. Also the gear thickness will be increased to give more contact area mesh to the starter motor gear for longer gear life. This is possible without any increase in overall weight due to the superior spec and lighter weight 6082 T6 alloy used for the flywheel.

The Advantages of Light Weight Alloy Flywheels over Light Weight Steel Flywheels !

1) Alloy Flywheels with their aluminium body allow the heat from the clutch surfaces to be taken away far more effectively than steel . Result …less chance of clutch slip due to overheating clutch under extreme use.
2) Steel Flywheels are far more likely to ‘explode’ at very high rpm !
3) Alloy Flywheels allow their separate steel friction plate to be unbolted and replaced for new . A cheap, ( £39+vat part) & easy DIY fix … Steel Flywheels do not offer this . Click here to view item.

4) An Alloy Flywheel with a worn Ring Gear ( For the starter motor) can be unbolted and replaced easily . Steel Flywheels are scrap once the gear teeth are sufficiently damaged.

* Weight approx 4.5 kg!!
* User replaceable friction plate.GTT Flywheel potentially lasts forever. Material chosen for its very high co-efficient of friction, more grip & less slip.
* Deeper tapped holes with longer bolts to secure clutch pressure plate to the F/W.
* Starter ring gear will have 6 bolts securing ring gear to the F/W. Most use just 3, the GTT designed to hold together even under the most extreme power and usage.
* Designed and made by GTT!
*Alloy is lighter / stronger& dissipates heat better than any steel alternatives.so you should forget solid steel flywheels for high performance applications
* As we make it all the service parts are held in stock by us for a fast cost effective service.
Fits: Gen 1 R53 & R52 Cooper S (also JCW / GP1)


DEMO VIDEO: GTT Lightweight Alloy Flywheel and GTT Camshaft Demo


Note: Only Manual Gearbox Models.


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GTT R53 Light Weight Alloy Flywheel Advantages V2

GTT Lightweight Alloy Flywheel and GTT Camshaft Demo Part 1 & 2



Additional Information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 42 x 42 x 30 cm