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Mini Gen 1 GTT R53 Stealth Hybrid Induction kit


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 Soon to be Discontinued…….. As we know the GTT Cold Ram Induction Kit is the best, Please click link for full details : http://www.gtt.uk.com/product/mini-gen-1-gtt-cold-ram-induction-kit/


GTT R53 Stealth Hybrid Induction kit Brand new for 2016 is the GTT Stealth Performance Induction Kit (air filter kit) for all supercharged Cooper S models. *JR was chosen as the latest spec JR elements feature around 30% more convolutions than other brands (e.g. K&N), resulting in less restriction under high air flow demand. * Gives a discreet standard appearance whilst gaining additional cold air intake feed pipe with 45 degree slash cut end for optimum cold air distribution…..Better flow and lower inlet temps guaranteed! *Internal highest quality JR (cleanable) cotton gauze filter element. * Massive 40% increase in cross sectional area compared to replacement panel filter. *Design includes large perimeter seal and a round high density foam seal at scuttle air entry point. * Design has no external plates /bolts to giveaway the 100% stealth appearance ! * Second only to the GTT Cold Ram design for performance, but more discrete and lower priced. Related Article: GTT R53 COLD RAM INDUCTION KIT …The Coolest & Best selling Air Filter Kit By Far    £129+vat (Outright Purchase)   Fits: Gen 1 Cooper S (also JCW / GP1)


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Dimensions 35 x 35 x 20 cm